How can efficient project management enhance your leadership skills?

How can efficient project management enhance your leadership skills?

A project manager oversees the various tasks involved in a project or programme to ensure a smooth process from start to finish. Creating a conductive environment and motivating team in the right direction is an essential part of the job. An excellent administrator will make use of the best practices to meet the desired goal. 

In essence, a manager who can efficiently carry out his duties is a leader in the making. There is a strong connection between overseeing a project and possessing good organisational goals. The bridge between the two lies in effective management skills. 

The role of a project manager includes planning, coordinating and integrating. Managers today bring elements such as analysis, synthesis and efficiency into their work and also determine strength and inefficiencies in a structure.

This blog gives you a greater understanding of what is considered to be good project management skills and how they can shape a versatile leader. 

What is project management?

Projects are usually temporary work or events which play a decisive role in determining the future of the company.  Managers must therefore pay great attention to each phase to ensure the project, as a whole, runs smoothly and efficiently. Each task functions according to a deadline, resources available, and the budget assigned for it. It has a dedicated team that functions as a unit to oversee the culmination of the project successfully.

The task can be as technical as designing software or as mechanical as running the construction of an industrial plant. A project manager has to be competent, with excellent delegating and problem-solving skills. They have to make use of their knowledge and skillset to make effective decisions at each stage.

While they may not be taking on the leadership role literally, project manager’s work is along the same lines. So, it therefore comes as no surprise that project management serves as an ideal platform to develop leadership skills. 

Key skills required for project management

Here is an overview of qualities and skills that are essential for project management: 

  • Planning: Precise, detailed planning and keeping even the minutest detail in mind is the first step of getting the project in motion. Having a calm, collected and logical mindset is also among the most essential skills required for project management. 
  • Decision-making: Undertaking a project involves a lot of decision making. A manager has to understand how each stage will affect the overall project. They also work to ensure maximum productivity in limited sources. 
  • Procurement and delegation: A project manager has to recognise the core strengths of each team member. Work should be delegated based on individual strength and areas of conflict have to be dealt with accordingly. 
  • Communication- Interpersonal skills are a major part of the business. This means every project manager has to be a persuasive and impactful speaker. Communication is considered as one of the most essential project management skills, as managers will deal with people of different levels across the spectrum. 
  • Having a vision- To fulfil company objectives, a manager should be able to imagine the bigger picture and carefully assign resources and workforce according to company goals. To be far-sighted is a valuable trait that counts among top project management skills. This visionary attitude helps in the successful completion of the most challenging tasks. 

What sets managers apart from leaders? 

While the term managers and leaders are often used in a separate context, both jobs involve overseeing the successful completion of work via delegating tasks.



Focused on supervising and administering a task

Look for new and innovative ways to get the job done

Short-term and goal-oriented

Think of long-term goals

People work for them

People follow them or inspiration

Focused on maintaining the status quo

Make changes in the system

Despite these differences, these roles often overlap as project management skills take on leadership qualities.

How can efficient project management abilities enhance your leadership skills?

Team leaders of today become business leaders of tomorrow when they recognise and develop their specific skill set. A central focal point for both roles is how much they can motivate their team and enhance productivity. A leader is judged by how well the company performs and a manager is deemed capable based on the performance of the team. 

Someone who can guide, motivate and lead a small team in the present will influence a bigger workforce in the future.  Leadership skills for project management are therefore considered stepping stones for greater accomplishments. 

A manager needs most qualities that people would seek within a good leader. It is the effective use of these attributes and a correct mindset that highlights the distinction between the two. They have to understand and articulate a vision to a group of people and then motivate them to perform to the best of their ability. 

The role of a project manager incorporates integrity, honesty and flexibility. They need to provide constructive criticism, set targets and make efficient use of resources. On the other hand, overseeing the success of a task from beginning to end can be challenging for a leader. They have to encourage the team during deadline pressure and make the right decisions for difficult problems.

The importance of project management can never be underplayed as it significantly contributes to the company’s success. Each victory helps in securing long term goals of the organisation and driving profit. Moreover, it also enhances leadership qualities in project managers who undertake the task to fulfil its purpose. 

Management encompasses a wide range of skills and knowledge. If you are looking to develop your managerial attributes then Enterprise Operations Management at the London School of Business and Finance could be the right course for you.  

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