Leeds named Britain’s best city for work-life balance

Leeds named Britain’s best city for work-life balance

In the Sustainable Cities report by Arcadis, Leeds was named Britain’s best city for work-life balance.

The report compared different cities around the world, measuring factors such as work-life balance, income inequality, health, education, crime and affordability.

Leeds ranked 26th out of 100 for work-life balance, scoring higher than other major UK cities such as London, Birmingham and Manchester.


The city, which was the sole one in Yorkshire to appear in the report, was also ranked in the top quarter for economic sustainability. However, skills gaps, poor transport and unemployment were found to be holding the city back.

Commenting on the report, Arcadis Cities Director for Leeds Nick Kealey said: “In an era of devolution of powers, the city needs to do more to push its own regional agenda, to avoid getting left behind.”

“Leeds is at a crossroads; if it can attract and retain the right people, bring in external investment and develop a stronger identity as a city, there is no reason why it cannot improve its long-term prospects,” he added.


Birmingham was named as the second best city in the UK for work-life balance, whilst Manchester, London, Edinburgh and Glasgow were also ranked in the top 50.

London was named the best city in Britain for ease of doing business, coming in third out of the 100 cities, whilst Edinburgh, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow and Leeds came in at number 6, 51, 60, 64 and 69, respectively.

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