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7 Benefits of Studying an Executive Course at LSBF

7 Benefits of Studying an Executive Course at LSBF

The fiercely competitive business domain of today requires you to constantly update yourself to stay relevant in your career. Pursuing Executive courses as a manager or business professional can give you the right push to acquire the latest skills and know-how to keep up with technological advancements.

Executive courses have become more important in the present scenario. The courses can provide you with powerful tools and targeted insights and knowledge that help you to adapt in times of uncertainty and solve complex business problems.

Executive Education can help you upskill and enhance your career trajectory. There are scores of investment-worthy and time-saving resources and programmes that cater to your professional aspirations, irrespective of your academic background. The Executive Education programmes offered at the London School of Business and Finance (LSBF) fall within this category and cover a wide range of 21st century business disciplines which are ideal for professionals from every stage of a corporate career.

Here are the broad subject domains covered by LSBF Executive courses:

  • Management
  • Finance
  • Data Science
  • Marketing
  • MiniMBA
  • Financial planning and analysis
  • Finance for non-finance managers
  • Strategic business planning
  • Enterprise operations management
  • Management consulting and project management
  • Strategic leadership
  • Strategic brand management
  • Digital and social media marketing

What’s an Executive programme? 

Executive Education is a term that business schools use to describe management development programmes built around individuals, teams, and organisational needs. Executive Education programmes are designed to support your professional development and provide your career advancement.

These courses are different from conventional business education degrees such as an MBA, as they require less time and don’t culminate in a degree. Most Executive Education courses also focus on specific fields such as leadership or strategic business management. Your objective for pursuing an Executive Education programme is tied more to your work experience rather than gaining an advanced qualification.

Why choose LSBF EE?

LSBF Executive Education (EE) offers a wide range of programmes catering to many business areas. The institution is renowned for providing students and professionals with the latest business insights and relevant skills for their professional and academic goals.

LSBF EE prides itself on providing high-quality courses taught by experienced industry practitioners, specialists and consultants. Their rich industry experience which allows them to present real-world examples and case studies in their classes. LSBF EE will ensure you fulfil your professional goals with our industry-oriented Executive programmes.

Here’s what our managing director, Karina Kizhner, had to say about LSBF EE: “We pride ourselves on being a forward thinking, innovative Executive Education School, operating from offices in Central London. Our tutors’ expertise is second to none and we put our students at the heart of everything we do. From flexible provision to affordable fees, LSBF supports you in your ambitions and aspirations".

What can you expect from an Executive course at LSBF?

You will benefit hugely from your Executive course at LSBF as you’ll explore key business concepts like strategic business leadership, operations management and brand management, among leading edge disciplines. Here’s a run-down of all the benefits of Executive Education courses you can look forward to at LSBF.

  1. Industry accreditations and certifications: LSBF EE has been accredited by the British Accreditation Council (BAC) as a short course provider. All LSBF EE courses also meet CPD (Continuing Professional Development) standards. The CPD Certification Service, established in 1996, is a leading accreditation institution in the UK. The organisation supports, advises and recognises the efforts and policies of UK universities and learning bodies to complement the CPD of their students.
  2.   Experienced faculty: LSBF EE has a team of some of the best tutors in the industry. The institution understands the vital role that industry practitioners play in your learning experience. LSBF EE tutors come from diverse domains such as banking, big data, management consulting, digital marketing and brand management. This means that no matter what kind of training you need, LSBF EE can deliver it to you.
  3.   Wide range of courses: You can choose among a wide variety of options as part of LSBF Executive programmes. These include an Executive MiniMBA, short courses lasting 8 weeks, including a leadership development programme, postgraduate certificates of 12 weeks, and a 24-week postgraduate diploma.
  4. Multiple subject options: LSBF offers a wide range of courses in management, finance, marketing, business development, entrepreneurship, and international business. These courses can give you the power to progress your career and help your organisation thrive.
  5. Networking potential: Studying Executive Education at LSBF will allow you to meet people from different backgrounds and those with similar interests to you. Tom Davies, who has a Postgraduate Certificate in Finance from LSBF EE, commented: “Lots of people have different sets of knowledge due to their background - which is great - so you can all bring different things to complete the assignments.” You’ll also get access to a huge network during your time at LSBF and as an alumnus you can join our alumni LinkedIn group here.
  6.  Solution-focused learning approach: Our Executive Education courses are known for their focus on providing specialised, industry-oriented skills. Our tutors drawn upon real-life examples and case studies to help you develop a solution-led approach to any problem. Our classes* are taught via live interactive classes which provides an additional advantage.
  7. Programme affordability: LSBF Executive Education courses are 40-50% discounted in comparison with other well-known business schools in London - starting at £990. In these difficult times, LSBF also offers flexible payment options for courses with 0% interest.

Hear from LSBF EE Alumni

Our former students have had satisfactory learning experiences with LSBF EE courses and have gained tremendously from their Executive programmes.

Claire Tiphine is an Italian student who completed an Executive course in Advanced Financial Modelling which has helped her connect her theoretical concepts with what she was expected to do in the workplace. The course gave her lots of basic Excel tips and tricks to model financial statements, and she loved the real-world examples that the faculty brought in to explain core concepts. She also enjoyed the opportunity to meet a range of people from different industries.

Ikechi Okereke is a former Nigerian student of LSBF. The certification course helped him gain a thorough understanding of financial concepts such as private equity, corporate finance and mergers and acquisitions. He recommends the Postgraduate Certificate in Finance, especially for those interested in a financial career.

The Executive Education courses at LSBF will help you target professional development in subjects where you need it and enhance your career for lifelong learning and professional success. Click here for a comprehensive list of Executive Education programmes at LSBF.

*As a result of the ongoing pandemic, LSBF is only offering live, online classes until the situation improves. 


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