ONS figures reveal average pay of jobs in UK

ONS figures reveal average pay of jobs in UK

New figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) have revealed the average earnings for jobs across the UK.

The ONS surveyed 21,563,000 people in the UK to calculate the salaries of over 400 jobs, with roles such as chief executives, sales accounts and business development managers being amongst the highest-paid positions.


The survey, which calculates salaries annually, also revealed the average salary in the UK, which currently stands at £27,271.

The figures showed which careers in the UK offer the highest salaries, with brokers and chief executives and senior officials being revealed as the highest-paying roles with a salary of £133,677 and £107,703 respectively.

IT and accounts were also found to offer the highest salaries in the UK, with information technology and telecommunications directors earning £80,215 and sales accounts and business development managers £51,576.

Education was also found to be a high-paying sector, with senior professionals of educational establishments earning an average salary of £49,679.


The UK’s business and finance sectors were also found to offer lucrative job roles, with business and financial project management professionals, finance and investment analysts and advisers and financial accounts managers earning an average salary of £47,795, £45,490 and £41,389 respectively.

Advertising accounts managers and creative directors also featured on the list, with those working in these professions earning an average salary of £40,510, whilst chartered and certified accountants were also found to be earning more than the UK average at £38,692. 



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