Research reveals which interview questions help boost employment

Research reveals which interview questions help boost employment

Research from CV-Library has revealed the interview questions that have helped candidates boost their employment chances.

The research surveyed 1,200 UK workers on their interview preparation techniques, and found that 87.4 per cent of respondents believe there are certain questions that should be avoided in interviews.


Development in the job role was found to be the top interview topic, with 74.2 per cent revealing that asking about this had boosted their chances of getting the job.

Other questions that candidates said were well-received included asking the employer how they would describe the culture of the company (51.3 per cent), asking what the team that they will be working with are like (36.8 per cent), when they can start the job (24.2 per cent), and how success is measured in the company (23.3 per cent).

Questions that respondents said should be avoided included asking what the company do (53 per cent), how often employees receive a pay rise (52.9 per cent), whether the candidate will be working long hours (50.3 per cent), how much the company pay (49.8 per cent), and whether the company offers sick pay (45.4 per cent).

Over 90 per cent of respondents said that they try to ask a question at every interview, while 79.3 per cent prepare questions in advance.


CV-Library Founder and Managing Director Lee Biggins commented: “Rather than going in with questions around salaries and hours, you can find out more about a company by posing questions about their culture, teams and how they measure success. Doing so will help paint a picture of what it’s like to work there, and will show the interviewer you’re passionate about working in a company where the fit is right on both sides.”

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