Survey shows increase in graduate jobs and apprentices

Survey shows increase in graduate jobs and apprentices

Figures from the Institute of Student Employers (ISE) have shown an increase in the number of graduate jobs and apprentices in 2017.

The annual survey showed businesses have recruited 20,614 graduates in 2017, an increase of 1 per cent, while the number of apprentices has increased by 19 per cent to 11,016.


The survey showed an overall rise of 6 per cent in student hires, while the number of degree-level apprenticeships increased by 50 per cent.

While growth in degree-level apprenticeships is expected to slow down, employers are expecting to increase their number of degree apprentices by 15 per cent in 2018. The survey also showed employers are planning to boost their apprenticeship opportunities, with 18 per cent expecting to do so in 2018.

The number of interns has also increased this year, rising by 3 per cent to 6,833, while median salaries for graduates were up by 2 per cent to £28,000. 

Employers revealed their main challenges for the year, with improving diversity topping the Diversity was found to be improving among some employers. Those with year-on-year data reported a 5 per cent improvement in average gender diversity and a 2 per cent improvement in ethnic diversity in three years.


ISE Chief Executive Stephen Isherwood commented: “Employers are offering more opportunities for students and a wider variety too, but competition is strong. A significant proportion of offers are turned down despite major efforts to find talent such as hiring former interns and increasing salaries. Employers are also getting smarter about where they get their candidates from by making attraction and selection approaches much more inclusive.”

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