Darwen apprentices manufacture space rocket parts

A leading business in Darwen, Lancashire, has benefitted tremendously by offering apprenticeships. The young adults who joined the company as apprentices were successful in manufacturing major components for a research space rocket that is set to launch in the next few months.

The space rocket is being manufactured by Starchaser Industries. In 2011, Starchaser had the distinction of launching the biggest rocket in the country.


The new research rocket is called Skybolt 2 and is manufactured from carbon fibre. It stands at a height of 8.3 metres and has the ability to reach a height of 4,000 feet within 17 seconds. It is anticipated that the rocket will be launched towards the end of 2016.

Starchaser CEO and Founder, Steve Bennett, applauded the apprentices for their hard work and dedication. The apprentices took just four weeks to manufacture crucial components for the rocket. Bennett said that the apprentices were responsible for building the framework that would hold the propulsion system of the rocket. He explained that this system is essential as it enables the rocket to fly.

Not only did the apprentices have a role to play in fabricating the rocket’s propulsion system, but they also fixed the fin brackets onto the rockets. For both processes, the apprentices had to use advanced technologies in fabrication as well as welding.


Bennett acknowledged that the apprentices were helping Starchaser realise its goal of helping the UK re-enter space.

The rocket will be used to perform tests on several electronic instruments as well as conduct experiments on behalf of universities in the UK.

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