Research reveals how UK workers feel about remote working

Research from communication technology company Polycom, Inc has revealed how UK workers feel about remote working, with older workers and millennials being found to have regularly taken advantage of working this way.

The research showed that 63 per cent of people in the UK now work remotely, with fear of working longer hours being revealed to be the main concern among people who work this way.


The research showed the difference in views of younger and older workers when it comes to remote working. Those aged over 45 believe that control over their work-life balance is a key benefit of remote working, whilst younger workers aged 16 to 29 are more likely to cite being more productive and avoiding the stress of commuting as the main advantages.

Older and younger workers have taken advantage of remote working opportunities, with 51 per cent of those aged between 45 and 60 and 70 per cent of millennials having done so regularly. Just 15 per cent of respondents said that their employer does not offer remote working opportunities.

The research also showed that senior-level professionals worry about working longer hours, with 62 per cent of CEOs and VPs saying that they will work longer if they work remotely; 53 per cent of junior managers and 52 per cent of graduates said the same.


Polycom VP of Marketing for EMEA Tim Stone said that it is clear that companies must be more flexible in their approach to working, particularly with young people entering the market with clear expectations of being allowed to work anywhere they are connected.

He added that businesses should take a three-pronged approach to make flexible working benefit the company and the employees: businesses should equip workers with the technology that connects them with their colleagues, create policies concerning working from home and update them as technology and culture evolves, and provide guidelines to members of staff.

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