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Job Opportunities in the UK for Master’s in Public Health Graduates

Job Opportunities in the UK for Master’s in Public Health Graduates

As a graduate student with a master’s in public health, you can find many high-paying jobs and career opportunities within British borders.

Some of the best public health jobs you can consider in the UK are:

  1. Public health officer
  2. Epidemiologist
  3. Environmental health specialist
  4. Global health specialist
  5. Healthcare consultant
  6. Research analyst

The UK is a conducive hub for public health jobs and careers. According to NHS England’s capacity review, the demand for public health professionals in the UK rose by 24% in 2021. What’s even better is the attractive compensation packages you can receive as a public health professional. The public health industry is rich with opportunities that go beyond the traditional healthcare landscape.

In this article, we'll show you the various job roles that await master’s in public health (MPH) graduates while answering your most pressing questions on how to start a career in public health.


What is the salary of a public health professional in the UK?

Salaries for MSc public health graduates in the UK are competitive and influenced by factors such as experience and location. The average salary earned by MPH professionals can range between GBP 33,000 to 44,000. (Source: Glassdoor)

You can earn higher salaries with increasing years of experience and expertise.

If you choose to specialise in high-demand sectors, such as the prevention of cancer, lifestyle diseases, and cardiovascular issues, the pay can be much higher.

What is a master’s in public health?

An MPH degree is a graduate-level degree that trains students to work in public health. Public health is defined as the approach to bettering people's health through disease prevention and communal hygiene.

What are the most important public health issues?

The main priority of public health professionals is to ensure equality in healthcare. Here are some of the other lesser-known challenges that public health officers tackle:

  • Preparation for epidemics
  • Improving mental health
  • Environmental sustainability and climate change
  • Health and disease prevention research
  • Building public trust in public health and maintenance efforts
  • Designing and implementing prevention campaigns for infectious and chronic diseases.

Here are the details of each of the public health jobs mentioned earlier:


Public health officer: Ensures a healthier tomorrow

A public health officer is a champion of community well-being. They collaborate with government bodies, NGOs, and healthcare institutions to design and execute health programmes. From advocating preventive measures to promoting health education, these professionals play a vital role in enhancing public health.

Salary in the UK: GBP 36,000–46,000 per annum, is the average salary and can rise with your years of experience. (source: Glassdoor)

Epidemiologist: Studies health patterns

Epidemiologists are akin to health detectives. Their role involves investigating disease patterns and causes within populations. By scrutinising data, conducting research, and identifying risk factors, epidemiologists contribute significantly to disease control and prevention strategies.

Salary in the UK: GBP 27,000–54,000 per annum (Source: Prospects)

With added years of experience, an epidemiologist can draw a salary of GBP 80,000 –120,000 annually.

Environmental health specialist: Safeguards wellness through the environment

Environmental health specialists focus on safeguarding communities by assessing potential environmental health risks. They oversee air and water quality, manage waste disposal systems, and ensure food safety regulations are met. Their work contributes to maintaining a healthy and sustainable environment.

Salary in the UK: GBP 20,000–60,000 per annum (Source: Prospects)

Global health specialist: Bridges borders for better health

Global health specialists address health challenges that transcend borders. Collaborating with international organisations and NGOs, they tackle global health issues, infectious diseases, and humanitarian crises. Their work aims to ensure health equity and well-being worldwide.

Salary in the UK: GBP 38,000–58,000 per annum (Source: Talent)

Healthcare consultant: Enhances healthcare ecosystems

Healthcare consultants with an MPH are specialists who bring a unique perspective to healthcare organisations. They analyse healthcare delivery and access, identify inefficiencies, and propose strategies to improve patient care and operational efficiency. This role bridges the gap between public health principles and clinical practice.

Salary in the UK: GBP 50,000–75,000 per annum (Source: Glassdoor)

Research analyst: Shapes policies with data insights

Research analysts in public health play a pivotal role in shaping policies and interventions. By collecting, analysing, and interpreting data, they uncover trends that guide decision-making. Their work aids in enhancing health outcomes and addressing public health challenges.

Salary in the UK: GBP 42,000–62,000 per annum (Source: Glassdoor)

How to step into the public health arena

The journey towards a Public Health Career begins with pursuing an MPH degree. Networking is key—attend conferences and workshops and connect with professionals in the field.

Gain practical experience through internships and volunteer work, and ensure your resume highlights your skills and accomplishments.

Diverse sectors offering public health jobs

The demand for public health professionals in the UK spans sectors like healthcare, government agencies, research institutions, and international bodies.

Whether it's epidemiology, health promotion, policy analysis, or disaster response, an MPH opens doors to various impactful roles.

NHS Health Careers denotes the three main areas of public health:

  • Health protection – Prevention of epidemic outbreaks, developing plans for responses to emergencies, and ensuring food safety.
  • Healthcare services – Ensuring that every person residing within the country has equal access to high-quality health services and medicines whenever they need it.
  • Improving people's health – Creating and implementing campaigns to encourage healthier diets, daily physical exercise, and quitting smoking and drugs. 

Public health careers: An excellent career path in the UK

Public health is a promising career path in the UK. The healthcare system's emphasis on prevention over cure makes public health experts invaluable.

As health challenges evolve, skilled public health professionals play a crucial role in shaping a healthier future.

A master’s in public health offers a gateway to a multitude of impactful careers. From enhancing community health as a public health officer to unraveling disease patterns as an epidemiologist, the options are abundant and fulfilling.

Why is public health important?

  1. Public health professionals are the first to meet a healthcare crisis on the front lines.
  2. During COVID-19, it was the unwavering determination of public health professionals and clinical specialists that saved the lives of many citizens across the world. Public healthcare professionals are now a valued asset even on a global scale.
  3. They help improve the overall health of the population through the implementation of governmental grants and schemes, as you may see in the role of a healthcare policy advisor.
  4. The overall health of a nation determines its overall productivity and wealth.
  5. Vaccines, handwashing policies, food safety regulations, and other public health efforts have saved, improved, and lengthened lives across the globe. Public health is a crucial and evolving field, and workers will always be needed. 

Overall, a master’s degree in public health can help you gain much deeper insight into the realm of healthcare.

With experienced faculty members and industry-oriented training in these courses, you can be propelled into a career of service to society within no time.

The London School of Business and Finance UK (LSBF UK) offers a fully-fledged Master’s in Public Health online which is validated and certified by UniNettuno (International Telematic University), a private university based in Rome.

UniNettuno is renowned for its free online lectures and classes from distinguished professors hailing from important educational bodies.

LSBF UK’s Master’s in Public Health online course is a great option for you if you would like to break into the world of healthcare. This could be a game-changer for your career.


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