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Top 10 Public Health Industry Trends And Innovations In 2022

Top 10 Public Health Industry Trends And Innovations In 2022

The continued rise of chronic diseases, widening inequalities, increasing healthcare costs and climate change adding pressure on the healthcare industry, are pushing healthcare professionals to rethink the approach towards delivering equitable, scalable and accessible treatment facilities. 

This has led to the huge demand for future health systems and sustainable healthcare innovation that aims to have a positive impact on the affordability of healthcare services, predicting and preventing diseases and boosting the quality of treatment.

The 2022 environmental scan report published on the American Health Association (AHA) website, emphasises the impact of innovation and delivery transformation of healthcare methods on the global population. The report highlights the importance of the development of technology, cyber security measures and digital payment models.

If you are interested in the latest healthcare industry trends and looking to become an expert at developing future-proof healthcare business machines in 2022, then enrolling on a public health master’s programme in London can be your gateway to identifying critical areas of improvement within this sector.

Find out what the top healthcare public innovation methods are that can lead to enhanced patient care experience, better financial results, more opportunities to the healthcare business and an increase in staff efficiency.


  1. Artificial intelligence

AI is replacing time-consuming and labour-intensive processes and is becoming popular internationally because of its capability to provide real-time solutions, remote accessibility and rapid diagnosis.

As a master’s in public health student, you will learn to handle digital products and software platforms, along with application programming interfaces (APIs) that support advanced surgery assistance, futuristic medical diagnostics and clinical workflow management.


  1. Internet of medical things

IoMT is a version of automated healthcare services that requires almost zero human interaction and integrates automatic processing, sensitive information and communication via networks for real-time diagnosis, smart tracking, remote patient monitoring and large-scale disease control.


  1. Telemedicine

The main purpose of this customisable healthcare facility is to reduce the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) by allowing medical practitioners to get in touch with their patients by telecommunication which minimises the workload on healthcare-associated facilities.


  1. Big data and analytics

This unique healthcare platform allows medical professionals to analyse high volumes of unstructured medical data to improve patient-curated services, generate new insights into disease mechanisms and detect health problems at an early stage.


  1. Immersive technology

This is a brain-computer interface technology that promotes cognitive and physical rehabilitation by combining neurological feedback when exposing anxiety or stress management levels in patients. Its application in surgery includes holographic images or scans and perioperative projection of patient information during a procedure.


  1. Mobile health

mHealth technology implements digital solutions and connected devices to provide access to personalised patient information, thereby enabling healthcare providers to visualise physical issues that prevent patient commitment, making healthcare delivery more accessible and equitable.


  1. 3D printing

This technology allows professionals to print lightweight bionics, prosthetics and costs for fracture repair, advancing the development of patient-specific models of surgical tools and organs, by utilising the patient’s medical imaging to support better surgical outcomes and enhance a surgeon's dexterity.


  1. Blockchain

From developing an anti-counterfeiting solution to software-based drug traceability, blockchain technology has made it possible to share clinical data with the utmost security, tackle drug counterfeiting and even collect and retrieve biomedical data remotely.


  1. Cloud computing

Cloud platforms within the healthcare sector provide professionals with greater processing power and storage capabilities of data analytics, along with providing streamlined data access and management, data interoperability and patient identity management, among others.


  1. Genomics

This area of personalised medicine has branched into various applications in recent times, from predicting diseases based on genomic data to manipulating human traits by utilising next-generation, gene-sequencing technology. The most fascinating applications of genomics tools include determining adverse drug reactions, early-stage neurodegenerative disease and predicting inherited cancers, vision losses and heart disorders.


Are you ready to start your career in healthcare and medicine?

Apply for the Master of Public Health programme at the London School of Business and Finance (LSBF) and join the international healthcare market which is growing at a swift pace and is actively recruiting graduates possessing an aptitude for both medicine and technology.

To get more information on public health career prospects, check out our website today and stay up to date with the technological implications on the healthcare industry.

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