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Unleash Infinite Opportunities with an Online Global MBA UK

Unleash Infinite Opportunities with an Online Global MBA UK

In today’s competitive working environment, acquiring a Global MBA can give you an insiders’ knowledge of the business world and help you stand out in a pool of talented applicants. If you think you could be interested in a career in business, this is one way to accelerate your path to success.


What is a Global MBA?

An MBA is a Master’s of Business Administration and it is one of the most popular and highly reputed professional degrees. Acquiring this qualification means you will get the chance to gain indispensable insider knowledge from industry experts, enhance your business skills and expand your network by interacting with similar career interests as you.

The global element of the qualification adds an additional edge because you will learn about the business world on an international level. If you are a student aspiring to work in business, or a professional looking to upskill, gaining a Global MBA will prepare you to work across an international environment, meaning you are prepared to work a variety of business-related roles in different countries. Some people also refer to the Global MBA as an International MBA. Getting a Global MBA will expand your career horizons and open doors to a variety of industries and roles.


What is the importance of gaining a Global MBA UK?

Choosing to study a Global MBA UK is something you should take the time to consider properly since it involves a large time and financial investment. However, graduates agree that the returns they see on this investment continues to benefit them long after completing their studies. Since you will have a larger variety of career prospects after completing the Global MBA, your future self will be thankful that you took the time to invest in the Global MBA when you did.

A survey by The Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) in 2019, titled ‘Corporate Recruiters Survey’. Revealed that getting an MBA could dramatically enhance your career prospects.  76% of the organisations surveyed stated that they were looking to hire someone with an MBA in the following year, showing that this qualification will open doors for you and give you access to opportunities you might not have access to otherwise.


What is the difference between a Global MBA and other MBA programmes?

It is important to fully research your MBA programme of choice and make sure you are picking the most suitable option for you.

A Global MBA is a variant of the regular MBA programme that focuses on international business management training. The course curriculum is designed to give students an international perspective on different business concepts and teach theory that is applicable across different locations. In this sense, by studying a Global MBA you will learn more about the differences between international companies and national ones.

Regular MBA programmes have a much more generalised syllabus and teaching style, incorporating a broad range of subjects but not exclusively focusing on international businesses. However, this doesn’t mean you will not receive any education about global issues. Learning how trade and relations operate across the globe is an integral part of any business education so this element is not completely left out of a standard MBA.

The student body on the Global MBA often reflects the international element of the syllabus and there is generally a larger variety of nationalities on this course than the traditional MBA. This is a great additional benefit because it means you will be learning about lots of different perspectives and students bring different backgrounds to the course.


What type of career opportunities will result from the Global MBA?

With a global Master of Business Administration, employers will know you are coming to the role with a certain level of business knowledge that will help you stand out from other candidates. Gaining this qualification can serve as a stepping stone towards a lucrative and challenging business role.

MBA graduates that can offer an international perspective are often sought after for high-level positions in international companies. Many MBA graduates then go on to secure high level managerial positions, or establish their own companies or work in governmental, educational or non-profit sectors.

Some potential roles for Global MBA graduates include:

1. International Trade Policy Maker

Working in trade policy means you are responsible for helping to write government policies on international trade, regulations, laws and practices that impact imports and exports.

2. Global Management Consultant

In this role, you can use the management theory you learn in your Global MBA to help companies in various sectors address problems and come up with the most effective solutions. This is a good option for someone with expert knowledge who is also interested in further research and improving their understanding of different business practices across sectors and across the globe.

3. Global Sales Manager

In this role you should have a global business knowledge, developed through a Global MBA and be good at working with others. The global sales director is usually responsible for developing and implementing sales strategies, objectives, and plans and manages the sales team and sets team targets and goals.

4. Business development manager

This is a crucial role in the success of an organisation as the business development manager finds and secures new leads, negotiates client pricing, and forecasts sales revenues. All these elements contribute to the growth of a company and their profits.



If you see yourself as a person who could secure a high-level job working across the globe, getting a Global MBA could be the next step towards enhancing your career. There are many Global MBA courses, but it is important to choose the right course for you.

At LSBF, we can guarantee that you will receive a high-quality education and networking opportunities to help you move forward with your career. Learn more about why you should complete your online Global MBA at LSBF here.

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