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What is the importance of strategic marketing in an organisation?

What is the importance of strategic marketing in an organisation?

In the sea of data, how do organisations make their products truly stand out? Grabbing the attention of the masses is easier said than done these days, and this is why strategic marketing is becoming an increasingly popular as a tool in this respect.

For an organisation, strategic marketing is now vital for sustaining itself in the long run. The focus of this blog is not just highlighting the importance of strategic marketing but also the factors to keep in mind while implementing it.

Read on to find out how the strategic role of marketing can give any business a real boost in the marketplace.

Why are the traditional methods of marketing no longer sufficient?

Every organisation has to put in a lot of money, resources, and manpower in promoting its services. The idea is to reach a target audience and acquaint them with your product solely with the idea of selling it. Although the tried and tested ways of traditional marketing worked earlier, things have revolutionised now. People pay more attention to their phones and social media than they do to giant billboards in the street or television commercials.

This means potential customers are mostly busy scrolling, and have access to unlimited channels that are filled to the brink with data. In such a competitive scenario, simply having a marketing plan will not suffice. When the audience has become increasingly numb to advertisements thrown at them at every corner, traditional marketing methods no longer do the trick. The importance of marketing strategy still remains, but the overall picture changed greatly.

What is strategic marketing?

Put simply, strategic marketing is marketing with a greater level of depth, targeting, and purpose. It requires gaining a thorough understanding of the audience and their needs, and also studying the marketplace scenario and conditions. Strategic marketing puts emphasis on creating the right opportunity to reach out to the audience, and meeting their requirements in the most optimal method.

In the current economy, just creating goods and expecting to get buyers is certainly not going to work out. Instead, every business has to focus on creating products that resonate with the needs of consumers. This also gives your goods or services a unique value, making it all the more favourable over other competitors.

The essential factors of strategic marketing

The purpose of a marketing strategy is to put the focus on the USP of the product and align with immediate goals. However, there are several conditions that have to be looked into while devising a strategic way of creating or re-modelling a product. These include:

  • Understanding the habits of the customers and their requirements.
  • Analysing what your competitors are offering.
  • Knowing the advantage that you as an organisation have in terms of capabilities.
  • Look for emerging opportunities in the market.
  • Understanding how well the company can mould itself to the current market needs.
  • Learning how the demand for products and services has evolved over the years.

The importance of strategic management in business

The pivotal role of strategic marketing in an organisation is that it fine-tunes organisational goals and requirements. There are a number of ways that a business can gain from strategic marketing, such as:

  • Penetrate the market easily: by segmenting the market and understanding its current functional value, a company can find the right footing for its product.
  • Increase reachability: by prioritising and studying the audience, a business can connect with the right demographic. Moreover, this sort of marketing also generates more consumers by effectively studying the needs of the audience.
  • Create sustainable goals: while conventional marketing is lost in the void of endless product placements, strategic marketing is more targeted. It generates the right awareness through specific campaigns, making it easier for companies to outline and achieve their goals.
  • Regulate resources wisely: time, money, talent and other essentials can all go to waste if they are not used wisely. No business can afford to function in the long run if it does not allocate its resources intelligently. Strategic marketing helps a company use minimum resources with maximum output.  
  • Boost sales: for any organisation, everything boils down to generating profits and getting ahead of the competition. This is exactly what strategic marketing does by increasing prospective buyers.

Every organisation is on the lookout for professionals who can analyse the goals of the company and help them achieve their objectives, and the importance of marketing strategy in business plays a primary role in organisational success. To equip yourself with the necessary knowledge for a career in this field, take a look at the online Dual Master in Strategic Marketing programme offered by London School of Business & Finance. The programme incorporates everything required for becoming a successful marketing professional.


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