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Why you should study an accounting and finance short course

Why you should study an accounting and finance short course

You don’t need to be planning a career in banking or the commercial sector to study an accounting and finance short course. The skills you’ll earn from these courses will find uses in everyday life, from understanding the significance of certain financial transactions happening around us all the time, to developing stronger financial planning abilities which can be used to organise your personal finances, or in your professional role.

Finance and accounting principles dominate decision-making at global, organisational, and individual levels, and having an understanding of what goes on can put you in a very advantageous position.

What is finance and accounting?

Finance is the study of how money is managed. Accounting focusses on the collection and analysis of financial data. Financial accountants and analysts are responsible for reporting and analysing all financial matters, including revenue generation, profit and loss management, tax obligations, debt management, credit and risk management, and record maintenance for all types of expenses.

Our short courses are designed to give you an essential introduction to the different procedures and overall aims you’ll need to understand to operate effectively in this field.

Why should you study a finance and accounting short course?

Financial skills play an important role in our everyday lives, helping us manage our personal or family finances. Studying a short course will provide you with an introduction to common terms and concepts in the field, will enhance your problem-solving abilities, and is more affordable than full degree programmes.

A short course gives you the chance to build a foundation in a valued and important career field with dependable skills and knowledge. Finance and accounting departments play an essential role within organisations in every industry, contributing to their ongoing success, and the smooth running of day-to-day operations. As a result, completing a finance and accounting short course will open up an array of career opportunities.

Some key advantages a short course offers are:

  • Job security – this is a domain that needs considerable human insight, in addition to the tools and technologies available. Therefore, capable and qualified accounts will always be in demand, and can rely on greater job security.
  • Work satisfaction – if you enjoy problem-solving and can face up to the challenges posed by financial data, then you will find this role to be full of exciting possibilities.
  • Flexibility – self-employed accountants enjoy the flexibility of choosing their own clients, working hours, and the type of work they want to contribute. Accountancy is an excellent profession for establishing a freelance business.
  • Enhanced career prospects – there are plenty of ways to keep your career skills up-to-date in this competitive field, ensuring you remain in-demand.

What are the employment prospects of these short courses?

Short courses in accounting and finance build a strong foundation in these sought after skills in a short amount of time. Gaining the skills through a completed course will help you to secure entry level work in the field, and can advance your career if you are already working in the field.

Completing a course in accounting and finance can help you to pursue a career in a variety of roles including the following:

  • Accountancy manager
  • Financial analyst
  • Financial auditor
  • Actuary
  • Accountancy specialist
  • Financial specialist
  • Investor relations associate

Investing in a short course can pay dividends as it will give you a strong base from which to launch your career, or simply manage your own personal finances with greater insight.

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