20 startups set to take the UK by storm in 2015 – part 1

20 startups set to take the UK by storm in 2015 – part 1

A quick rundown of 20 startups that will impact 2015 as selected by Startups.co.uk.


Startups.co.uk has selected its pick of the new businesses in 2014 for its top 20 startups, a list of firms that will make an impact in 2015. The climate for startups has been steadily improving and this year’s crop of firms highlight the potential for success in the UK these days.


In no particular order, here are the first 10. Here we provide a quick preview about the firms included in the list:


Yoyo – A mobile marketing platform for use by retailers of the 21st century. The simple app hopes to get rid of the need for cash, coupons, and loyalty cards while allowing retailers to better understand their customers with the use of transactional metadata.


BIZZBY – This ‘three tap’ app is designed to put a network of vetted service professionals at your fingertips, making it easy for you to find someone to get your job done. So far, the BIZZBY app has been downloaded an impressive 80,000 times and projects a huge £3.7 million turnover for 2015.


CommuterClub – An enterprising business that looks to save commuters hundreds of pounds a year, this is a platform to pay for passenger’s season tickets in flexible monthly installments, backed by a loan with a 5.6 per cent rate of interest. The service allows users to opt out at any time and saves commuters from having to pay thousands of pounds upfront.


miPic – Turning social media into art, this app allows users to make money from their smartphone pictures by selling them to a global audience.


Formisimo – This cloud-based analytical tool optimises online forms in a data driven way and helps identify why visitors give up on completing online forms.


Ride25 – Once a charity cycling event organiser, this cycling holiday operator has had an amazing first year. It allows customers to cycle the world, one amazing leg at a time, by conducting four-day tours of around 70 to 100 miles a day.


Liquiproof – This 11-month old startup has developed an affordable, easy to apply, and long lasting spray that will protect your footwear from any liquid spills, including acid based substances. It’s already drummed up enough interest to attract a solid fan base and boasts a turnover of £175,000 to date.


carwow – The UK’s only comparison site for new cars came to life after it spotted a gap in the market during its short time as a car review website. It seeks to help consumers through the process of buying a new car.


Seenit – In an attempt to use the wealth of video footage produced by smartphone users across the world, this firm lets brands and organisations co-create video content with their communities.


Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium – This café-cum-cat-rescue home is a sustainable business model backed by an impressive fan base and an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign.



Watch this space for our second and final installment of 20 startups to keep an eye on in 2015.

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