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Wednesday 29th May 2024, 2:00 PM (BST)

Our people are responsible for creating the ethos of success in which the business leaders of tomorrow thrive.

Comprised of highly qualified, seasoned business professionals and academics from around the world, the Management Team at LSBF is dedicated to ensuring students succeed in every endeavour, from gaining chartered accreditation to achieving career enhancing qualifications.

On-hand to support you, they provide invaluable knowledge and insight, acquired from years spent at the highest levels of business and academia.

LSBF Management Team

Management Team

The primary goal of our Management Team is to provide structure and support for both LSBF faculty and students. Some of the ways they achieve success are through setting goals, implementing guidelines, and helping to solve any problems which may arise. Highly skilled and qualified in leadership positions, they are dedicated to ensuring a high-quality learning experience for everyone.

Professor Maurits Van Rooijen

Rector - LSBF

Karina Kizhner

Managing Director

Rathakrishnan Govind

Global CEO of LSBF

Paul Merison

ACCA London Director

Shahnaz Hamid


Other departments

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