Introductory Bookkeeping Certificate

Our Introductory Bookkeeping Certificate (IBK) is a great foundation for you to build your bookkeeping and accounting career from. The basic bookkeeping course is 100% online and includes everything you need to get your IBK certificate - all for just £99. Once you have completed your certificate, you may want to take the next step and gain an accreditation like ACCA.

Following the completion of a focused bookkeeping and accounting course, you’ll get an exclusive 15% off your first ACCA booking, to help you progress your career. To get this discount on certification for bookkeeping, please speak to your course adviser after you have completed the IBK certification.

You'll get award-winning tuition in a bookkeeping certificate course that includes:

  • A detailed study planner that allows you to plan your study time and complete necessary exercises to grasp topics.
  • Categorised tuition videos that are grouped together for easy learning across any device.
  • Application quizzes that test your knowledge and boost understanding.
  • Discussion tasks that allow you to liaise with classmates and encourage group work. 
  • A comprehensive study manual filled with examples and scenarios so you can gain a deeper understanding.
  • A question bank to practise multiple questions that will challenge your strategic thinking and technical skills.
  • A final computer-based examination that will test the syllabus.
  • Once you have passed the exam, you'll be awarded an LSBF certificate to make your CV more attractive. 

About IBK

The Introductory to Bookkeeping (IBK) certificate is designed to provide knowledge on basic financial accounting. This double entry bookkeeping course helps develop your skills in duties such as accounts adjustments. 

It's a stepping stone to help progress your career towards a bookkeeping or accountancy role from the comfort of your own home. With our online learning platform, you can learn anytime and anywhere to suit your schedule. The programme provides an insight on sole trading and basic company accounts. Once you have completed this certification you can look to progress onto the ACCA qualification with a good foundation of bookkeeping.

The certificate acts as an introduction to bookkeeping and only takes approximately 1 month to complete. However, you have unlimited time to complete the certificate, at a pace that suits you.

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Introductory Bookkeeping Online Certificate


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IBK Certificate

After completing the bookkeeping certificate course, students will have to take a computer-based exam from home. Upon completion of the exam, you will receive a certificate to show you have completed the course.


Our IBK certificate covers 11 chapters to give you a solid foundation to progress from. The chapters cover the following content:

Introduction to accounting

Financial statements

Double entry bookkeeping

  • The accounting equation
  • Double entry accounting
  • Balancing ledger accounts
  • Trial balance


  • Inventory valuation
  • First in first out
  • Average cost - continuous method
  • Average cost - period end method

Irrecoverable debts

  • Credit sales
  • Irrecoverable debts
  • Allowance for receivables

Non-current assets

  • Initial recognition
  • Depreciation - Straight line
  • Depreciation - Reducing balance basis
  • Depreciation - Changes
  • Revaluations
  • Asset disposals
  • Non-current asset register and disclosures
  • Intangible non-current assets

Accruals and prepayments

  • Accruals and prepayments
  • Accrued and deferred income

Sales tax

  • Sales tax

Books of prime entry

  • The accounting system
  • Accounting for sales and sales returns
  • Accounting for purchases and purchase returns
  • Accounting for discounts
  • The cash book and the petty cash book

Bank reconciliation

  • Bank reconciliations

Control accounts, errors and suspense accounts

  • Control account reconciliations
  • Errors which do not cause an imbalance
  • Suspense accounts

There are no entry requirements to begin studying IBK certificates online. IBK is an ideal choice for current students, recent graduates, or career changers with no relevant work experience.

If you like working with numbers and like to analyse data, IBK is a great way to develop your skills and pave your way to a successful career in accountancy.

For international students considering a distance learning IBK qualification with LSBF, it should be noted that the courses are conducted entirely in English, so an appropriate intermediate language level is preferable.

Student comments

"I will recommend LSBF 100%, because of the teachers. I am considering going further with ACCA and LSBF will be my first choice". Professional Training
"LSBF was really good because of the comprehensive tuition which they offer" Professional Training
"The tutors and the material provided made passing each exam a lot easier. The class notes made it so easy to cover the entire syllabus and to ensure I had a deeper understanding of key topic areas." Professional Training
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